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We are the Official CLn Skin Care Partner In New Zealand

Sumner Pharmacy is a family owned community pharmacy in the seaside village of Sumner, Christchurch. We provide health and community services to the Sumner locals with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Sumner Pharmacy are the New Zealand stockists for CLn Skin Care range.


About CLn Skin Care

Solving the Bleach Bath problem! An effective, safer solution for troubled skin.

Many common skin problems are driven by microbes entering compromised skin. Those microbes can lead to a variety of skin diseases and symptoms. Addressing these microbes with cleansing is a good first step; however, many cleansers are ineffective and/or harsh. Additionally, some cleansers can impair the protective skin barrier and impede the healing process.

CLn® Therapeutic Cleansers are different. They are formulated with sodium hypochlorite, are effective cleansers at basic and clinical levels, yet do not impair the skin barrier.

CLn® Skin Care products are developed by physicians to effectively cleanse and moisturize skin prone to infection, eczema, acne, rosacea and other conditions.