5 Tips to Stop Dry Winter Skin!

We’ve all been there; you’re primping for a nice cosy winter get together, but your skin just won’t cooperate. It’s no secret that the cold and windy weather can leave your complexion feeling dry, irritated and less than glowing. New Zealand winters can be harsh and changeable, which can throw your skin completely out of whack! So what do we do? While a good moisturiser can go a long way, there are many lesser-known measures to keep your skin looking and feeling its best all year long!


1. Hydrate, hydrate - and hydrate some more!

We’ve all heard it, and we try to do it – but do you really know how many glasses of water you’re getting each day? If you’re struggling to keep your water intake up during the cooler months when it’s less obvious that you’re thirsty, try tracking with apps such as Daily Water which make it easy, even sending intermittent reminders straight to your mobile device to grab another glass! Good skin hygiene relies on your water intake no matter the season, so it’s a really great place to start to benefit not only your skin, but your overall health!

2. Increase your intake of healthy fats

Essential fatty acids play a critical role in creating and maintaining supple, hydrated skin, hair and nails - as well as keeping your hunger pangs at bay for longer! Opt for snacks like walnuts, avocados (if you can get them), and olives for an easy boost in your dietary intake of healthy fats. Enjoy fatty fishes like salmon or trout, or add chia seeds to your smoothies for a robust pop of healthy fat that is also delicious! Alternatively, switch out your cooking oils for ones like olive, peanut, coconut and sesame to boost your intake without changing up your diet too much!

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a key element of any skincare regimen. Gently massage past that dead, flaky outer layer of skin. In turn, your moisturiser will be able to penetrate more deeply into your pores, rather than sitting superficially on the skin’s surface.

4. Purchase a humidifier

Do you live in a dry or harsh climate where the cold wind is whipping through your home? Incorporate a humidifier into your household for an easy way to add some moisture back into the atmosphere.

5. Avoid harsh skin cleansers

While clean skin is important, some cleansers can excessively strip away necessary natural moisture and leave you more chapped than when you started. Cleansers such as CLn Facial Cleanser keep natural moisture levels in check while removing the day’s makeup and build-up of dirt and oil.


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