The CLn Shampoo Difference

The Solution For Dry Scalps Kiwis Have Been Waiting For

If you’ve ever had an itchy scalp then you know first-hand how frustrating it is to find a recipe for long-term relief. You’ve tried every popular shampoo in the hair care aisle, changed your diet, bathed yourself in coconut oil, and even attempted a million (questionable) home remedies listed on Google - but still no luck. At this point, it feels like you should shave off all your hair and try again! 


So what if we told you that we’d created a shampoo that solves this issue without you having to do anything drastic? What if we said you could put down the questionable method you’re about to try, because our product gently cleanses the pores and hair shaft while leaving your scalp feeling rejuvenated and refreshed? 


Let us guess, you’ve heard it all before right? 


While most products you’ve tried in the past have promised relief due to fancy, soothing ingredients found exclusively in remote, tropical rainforests far away from New Zealand, the CLn difference is a simple one —  getting right down to the basics for clean and happy hair.


CLn Shampoo: what your scalp has been looking for (no, seriously, this is it)


What’s In It?


The problem with most shampoos they often strip away both necessary and excess oils, which only worsens scalp dryness and irritation. To fight this, CLn Shampoo is formulated with sodium hypochlorite, salicylic acid, glycerin and conditioners for a mild, gentle yet high performance cleanse to combat itching, dandruff and scalp folliculitis. For people out there with sensitive skin, dermatitis or even eczema, you’ll find comfort knowing that our cleanser won’t trigger your symptoms. 


The Low Down On the Ingredients: 


Sodium Hypochlorite: Bleach, used in exact amounts safely, cleanses infection prone skin and scalps. 


Salicylic Acid: Often found in acne products, salicylic acid prevents the buildup of sebum on your skin and scalp, as well as stopping the formation of dry skin on your scalp, preventing dandruff. 


Glycerin: This little beauty works as a moisterising agent, trapping moisture in your pores to keep your skin supple and avoiding dryness. 


All of these together are effective as a safe treatment for scalp folliculitis (the inflammation of your hair follicles leading to infection, dryness and itchy symptoms)


How Does It Work?

Like traditional shampoos, you’ll add water and work it into a lather. With CLn, this is where the magic happens, which is why we recommend continuing to lather for a full minute. As you’re massaging your scalp, our wash is breaking down oils that contain triggering bacteria which cause inflammation of the hair follicle. With the oils broken down, problematic bacteria is washed away, no longer causing irritation of the scalp. As an added bonus, the presence of glycerin provides an extra layer of moisture, protecting your scalp from dryness - even if you’re planning on taking a dip in the sea! 


You’ll Love It.

We don’t promise miracles, but our shampoo works wonders on the scalp - and also the beard! You don’t have to overuse it, a simple 1 – 3 times a week is just fine; and it’s gentle enough to use all over the head and beard or in spot areas that just need some quick attention. You won’t have to worry about fragrances as it comes fragrance-free, so it can be paired with your favorite conditioner without competing scents. 


Some of our customers have even noticed new and healthy hair growth. Whether curly, straight, chemically relaxed or close-shaven, all hair types can enjoy our therapeutic shampoo, revealing a healthy, flake-free head (or face) of hair! 


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